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Suitland Steps Up to a Sustainable Future with Brilliant Design and Heart

The Villages of Westphalia is a large scale $200 million mixed-use, master planned development that contains 1,000 residential single and multi-family homes, 25,000 SF of retail, a 30,000 SF Country Inn, 15,000 sf church and 120-unit, multi-family senior housing. CJR/CJRD’s role was land development and development managers, creating the master plan and determining land-uses.

Villages of Westphalia

CJR/CJRD partner unified the owners to create an assemblage of over 230+/- acres and provided the management and leadership to obtain County approval of a master plan that rezoned the farms from Rural Agricultural to dual zoned Local- Activity-Center (LAC) and RM, creating the right to build a mixed-use hamlet. Finally, CJR/CJRD secured structured equity capital, while improving the value of the land from $4 million to $45 million.

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