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Washington, Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia

A Science and Tech Research Hub Energizes Mercer County

The Mercer Nash Innovation District is a planned $400 million large scale mixed-use Science and Technology Research Hub, and advanced manufacturing development that is already energizing Mercer County. The new Mercer Nash Innovation District encompasses nearly 500 acres of land and interweaves the area’s natural beauty and resources with the creative research that its native son, mathematician and Nobel Laurent, John Forbes Nash, personified.

With the Mercer Nash Innovation District, CJRD leverages its expertise to engage cross-marketing opportunities and facilitate the creation of a cooperative, self-sustaining economic zone that will become a premiere model for rural development in America. Industries such as advanced manufacturing and technology, new greenhouse technology with vertical farming integration, solar science and more, will find new homes in the Mercer Nash Innovation District. The Mercer Nash Innovation District will energize the region, providing jobs, business, and real estate opportunities. There are only 80 Innovation District’s in the world and a handful in the United States, and we now are a part of the innovation pioneers. With Mercer Nash, CJRD is redefining where and how an Innovation District can be built.

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