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The Ultimate Travel Destination in Southeast West Virginia

The Ridges Sportsplex and Expo Center, conveniently located off interchange I-77 and U.S. Rt. 460 in Mercer County, will be a state-of-the-art multi-sport championship and entertainment destination boasting over 255 acres of indoor and outdoor recreational and event space. The Ridges will be the ultimate travel destination in Southeast West Virginia with hospitality and shopping amenities to accompany the sports and entertainment services. This multi-sport championship facility will draw elite tournaments and tourists from all over. 

The Ridges Sportsplex and Expo Center

The complex will be, strategically, developed into two different areas. The lower district sports park will house recreational fields and park areas that will provide ample space for people searching for outdoor venues for events and gatherings. The facility will have the capabilities to host multiple sporting events for baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and more. Each side of the property will connect with trails and walkways that allow pedestrians to easily access the entire property and enjoys the natural beauty of West Virginia. The Ridges will also provide shuttle buses to assist with quick transportation to and from the athletic fields and parking areas to the retail center. There will also be an entrance on the west side of the property that is accessible from Turnpike Industrial Drive. To minimize environmental impacts on the area, there will be a thirty-foot wide stream buffer found in the preliminary grading of the site. The amenities and parks will be located around natural streams and an existing pond to reduce impact on the area.

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